Chinese New Year kicks off with fireworks, lion dances and lanterns

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China was yesterday officially shutdown for a week to welcome the Chinese New Year of the Rooster amid the biggest annual human migration as people rushed to their native places to celebrate with their family members.

Worldpay predicts a golden week at the tills for United Kingdom retailers from tomorrow (Saturday January 28), which marks the start of Chinese New Year.

He went on to include eating a vegetarian meal as the first meal of the New Year, getting fresh haircuts and wearing a new set of clothes.

However, during Chinese New Year prices can surge up from 3,000 yuan ($436) to 10,000 yuan ($1,454) per day.

Chinese New Year is observed this year on Saturday, Jan. 28.

The youngsters kicked off the festival in spectacular style, enjoying traditional Chinese food and explored the culture and history of the school.

Gift giving at the Lunar New Year is simplified by the custom of lucky red envelopes, filled with cash, in sums divisible by two (though four is to be avoided, because the Chinese word for it sounds like "death").

Celebrations revolve around reunion, harmony and ensuring good luck for the coming year.

Mr Song hopes the Year of the Rooster will inspire more people to buy either live roosters he has bred, or chicken meat from his farm.

People hold joss sticks during a Chinese New Year celebration in Bali, Indonesia.

According to Lai, the famous Chinese lion dance is always the number one symbol of the New Year celebration, requiring jumping, physical training, gong-fu, tumbling, and playing the gong, drums and cymbals.

While many people assume the first Chinese community in the eastern part of the US was in New York City, Perrone said, it was actually in Belleville. Even higher numbers of people hit the road between the third and the seventh day after New Year as this is the time for friends and relatives to visit each other.

Ethnic Chinese as well as several other East Asian nations, including South Korea and Vietnam, also celebrate Lunar New Year, the date of which changes from year to year. Windows and doors will be decorated with red decorations. It is traditionally celebrated with fireworks displays that light up the sky. "The Chinese believe ringing a large bell can drive bad luck away and bring good fortune", Ms Jin said. The fire rooster. According to experts, in the year of the fire rooster, wishes and dreams should come true.