Donald Trump Jr called 'a disgrace' for tweet goading London mayor

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said Londoners "will never be cowed by terrorism" following the attack in which four people died near the Houses of Parliament. The killer stabbed two other officers before he was shot and neutralized.

Witnesses reported a vehicle was driven along the pavement on Westminster Bridge, hitting several people, and an attacker then stabbed a police officer.

Terror attacks are "part and parcel of living in a big city", Mayor Sadiq Khan said to the Evening Standard in September, following a bomb explosion in Chelsea in Manhattan that injured 29 people.

The article is about Khan's plea that people remain vigilant and that London needs to be prepared and ready for the threat of a terror attack. "You're a disgrace", Streeting wrote.

In the interview, Khan also criticized Trump's father, then-U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, for saying within minutes of the explosion that it was time to "get tough".

"Is this helpful @DonaldJTrumpJr?". What Trump wants Americans to see are terrorists (and not what the destruction of the EPA really means); and what Khan wants Londoners to see is the car-related pollution that's associated with 9,000 early deaths a year.

Channel 4's Ciaran Jenkins asked if Mr Trump Jr had even read the article "before goading London's Mayor during a live incident'".

"I want to reassure all Londoners and all our visitors not to be alarmed". The mayor's actual reaction Wednesday, unlike Trump's, was dignified and heartening: "We stand together in the face of those who would seek to. destroy our way of life", he said.