Gas prices up 1 cent, to $2.23 per gallon, in Rhode Island

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KINGSTON, N.Y. The average retail price of gasoline in NY state fell 1.5 cents per gallon last week to settle at $2.40 on Sunday.

More than 70 percent of consumers say they would make everyday lifestyle of driving habit changes to offset the increase in gas prices, about a 70-cent increase from this time past year. shows Wichita's average gas price is $2.08 per gallon.

Metro Detroit's average is about $2.30 per gallon, about 4 cents less than last week's average.

Almost 14,000 gas stations were selling gasoline at or under $2 per gallon this morning, down slightly from last week's 14,715.

Average retail gasoline locally has dropped 2.4¢ per gallon in the past week, totaling $2.21 on Sunday. "Luckily for consumers the price of oil has kept a ceiling on rising gas prices thus far, though that will likely soon change ahead of summer vacations".

"This feat has been accomplished for several reasons", said DeHaan.

That's almost a dime cheaper than the national average, which is $2.28 per gallon. Weak gas demand, rising crude oil inventories and high refinery capacity were major contributors to the dip. Finally, crude oil inventories and rising USA production kept oil prices under control.

Prices in much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast remain relatively steady on the week with Pennsylvania ($2.48) landing on the list of top 10 most expensive markets.

To offset the increase in gas prices, more than 70 percent of consumers say they would make everyday lifestyle or driving habit changes.

However, fueling stations base their costs in part on their real estate pricing, so gasoline prices are varying from station to station more than usually.

In the past, the organization has monitored individual stations at times when the average price was low, DeHaan said.

"I monitored two gas stations in a city in MI when prices at one station were $2.45 and a station across the street $2.25 and the station selling at the higher price was actually busier", he said in an e-mail. GasBuddy is available on all mobile platforms.