The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Negan kill Sasha?

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Much of this episode of the Walking Dead focused on Rick and Michonne's hunt for weapons. For one thing, we know Oceanside tends to shoot on sight, and after Tara's escape, I imagine they're even more prickly than they were before.

It's clear, as Rick and Michonne are leaving the fairgrounds with their loot, that their new reality is taking a toll on them.

Michonne spots a deer in the woods that she and Rick later see at an abandoned carnival. I think that's basically their relationship: They become more human, more whole, with each other; he said and added that Michonne will lead the team in Rick's absence. However, a fan could easily skip this episode and not miss anything important.

Rick and Michonne's idea of a romantic road trip featured an abandoned carnival, a truckload of guns and supplies, a PG sex scene. As they're happily surveying the scene, a metal roof they're standing on gives way and plops them right into a cosy cabin, complete with a bed and a huge amount of food. Instead they have a move forward at all costs policy, possibly because looking back means looking at someone elses creative vision for the show. And so they hunker down with some beers and "Ready to Eat" beef brisket, which sounds like a nightmare but probably tastes good when you're used to canned everything. Others got the similar treatment and there are really too many of them to go over in this article. Not only was it heavily foreshadowed in the March 5 episode when Michonne (Danai Gurira) thinks Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has been killed by walkers, but Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) made a decision to team up on a one-way mission to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Rick and Michonne share a quiet meal together and discuss the future. I know you're both hurting and you want revenge, but especially after what happened the last time Rosita tried to kill Negan, you should know better. Rick is trying to convince Michonne that she can lose him because it's not about them.

For a long time, the administrative and procreative parenting duties were split between stressed-out single dad Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and hope-for-the-future couple Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

Last season too, he armed his people to the teeth and arrogantly walked into Negan's outpost, wrongly assuming he had the upper hand. Maybe a lot of them. "I have a secret to tell you". You can blame me for having a life, but after that?

"And if I hear one more goddamn word about Fat Joey, I'm gonna smash." he says before his dialogue fades out. Sleeping with a guy who had plans to take down Rick doesn't earn you fan points.

On the flipside, however, Rosita and Sasha are about to go do something really stupid and try to take out Negan themselves in the Sanctuary. Will she go on her own suicide mission to take down Negan? She will be honest, and she'll also be amusing depending on whatever it is that you're talking about. She keeps it at a lower demeanor than Rosita but the rage is the same. Sure, Rick almost gets himself killed by being a dumbass, and that leads to a serious conversation about what it all means and how Michonne needs to be prepared to lead the group if Rick dies in the fight against Negan, but this is still mostly about hanging out, planning for the future, and doing goofy shit with zombies.

Rosita tells Sasha that she needs her help, and Sasha agrees, so long as she gets to take the shot. Hopefully Rosita gets picked off soon, and Sasha comes to her senses.