Dairy farmers find temporary solutions to Canadian imports

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While Wisconsin farmers scramble to find a buyer for their milk after the recent pullout by Grassland Dairy, dairy farms in Minnesota affected by the change have found a new buyer in Agropur Inc., which has agreed to add their milk to its production lines.

The agreement helps the producers who had been oversaturated with milk after the Canadian government changed its rules for importing ultrafiltered milk, leaving many processors in Wisconsin, Minnesota and NY without markets.

Consumers, food manufacturers and restaurants pay way too much for dairy products.

A cheese factory in central Wisconsin is offering a lifeline to some dairy farms threatened by Canada's milk pricing policies that may force other farms to close.

President Donald Trump, who has pledged to negotiate better trade deals for America, recently joined various state and federal officials in calling on Canada to repeal the policy. Many such programs are already operating at the Department of Agriculture and have been for decades; all that is needed is vigorous implementation and more buy-in from farmers.

"We can not tolerate Canada's continued disregard of their trade commitments to us", Schumer wrote alongside Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Bozic says the current issues in the dairy industry could lead to "last generation" dairies - those without anyone to keep them going into the future - selling out a little earlier than planned.

"I look forward to working with the administration to pressure and persuade the Canadians to reverse this unwise policy, which is a violation of our agreements", Mr. Schumer said in a statement. "It's a disgrace. Rules, regulations, different things have changed - and our farmers in Wisconsin and NY state are being put out of business".

Later in the week the president called Canada a "disgrace" for it's policies that hurt American farmers, while speaking in the Oval Office.

The lobby group Dairy Farmers of Canada has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years promoting milk to Canadians, while consumption of fluid milk per capita has dropped for nearly three decades.

Frank Behling milks a small herd, between 55 and 60 cows, on his farm near the Village of Randolph.

We see our boards to be a natural, effective model to protect our farmers.

It's obvious the president has heard the voices urging him to press the Canadians on this front.

Schumer said: "We can all agree that it is critical to level the playing field for our hard-working dairy farmers, and make sure our Canadian neighbors rescind their unfair policy and again play by the rules".

FC Stone equated the average 80 percent butterfat GDT butter price to $2.1648 per pound U.S. CME butter closed last Friday at $2.09 per pound.

"People will be more careful who they contract their milk with and the nature of those contracts", Bozic says.

Facing deadline, most Wisconsin dairy.

The first and most important step to take is anti-trust regulation.

"I think it's a bunch of games being played by big business or big co-op", Prosser said.

"We had just disaster after disaster", said Adam.

"There's no reason somebody should have to drive two, three hours to the farm, to pick up a legal product and drive all the way back home", said Republican Representative Dan Flynn.

Supply management is about ensuring we produce what Canadians need for dairy, poultry and eggs.