AT&T workers prepare for a three-day strike

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They said they're striking over wages, benefits and most importantly, job security.

Richter said AT&T had successfully negotiated contracts covering almost 130,000 workers since 2015, and that fewer than five of the company's more than 25,000 retail workers lost jobs a year ago because of store closings.

In March, about 17,000 AT&T wireline workers in California and Nevada went on strike.

"Dallas-based AT&T says it has a contingency workforce" ready in preparation for the walkouts.

AT&T, for its part, said that the company is prepared for workers to walk off the job but continues to negotiate.

AT&T spokesman Mark Giga issued a statement, saying it's "baffling" as to why union leadership would call a strike.

CWA members at the store on Venture Drive in Peru picketed, but it was not immediately clear whether any, all or how many employees there were on strike.

Organizers with the Communications Workers of America are planning to hold a rally Friday afternoon outside of the AT&T store on Central Avenue in Colonie as the company's unionized workers appear headed for a possible strike.

"This is the largest walkout in the USA since Verizon workers went on strike past year". AT&T worker Nicole Popis told People's World that she and her coworkers were ready to do "whatever it takes" to get a fair contract.

According to Dennis Trainor, vice president of CWA District 1, "AT&T is underestimating the deep frustration wireless retail, call center and field workers are feeling right now with its decisions to squeeze workers and customers, especially as the company just reported more than $13 billion in annual profits".

Union bargaining across AT&T Mobility is split up across different regions of the country, with different contracts covering different states. I'm a single mother and my son is about to graduate.