Bengaluru's Varthur Lake Moves From Froth To Fire, Smoke Fills The Air

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The event, which has been dubbed a "chemical snowfall", occurred after pre-Monsoon showers whipped the surface of the sewage-ridden lake into a foam.

"The Varthur Lake issue will soon be solved as it happens every year".

The foaming has taken place especially in the much infamous Varthur Lake.

From a distance, the foam may look like snow, but it is toxic effluent caused by the polluted water overflowing from Varthur Lake. On the other hand fire and smoke erupted at Bellandur Lake's Thubarahalli area.

Pictures and videos of Varthur Lake's toxic foam have been shared on social media for several years now.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, on Monday, had shrugged off the condition of the lake and made a cursory statement that it happens every year. Trucks dump garbage here, ragpickers sort it and leave leftovers in the canal.

He said that the BBMP is taking care of it and it will be solved.

The tribunal also asked the Karnataka government, the State Pollution Control Board, Lake Development Authority and the Bengaluru Development Authority to start cleaning the lake immediately and report back in a month's time.

This isn't the first time that a lake in the city has produced massive soap suds.

Varthur lake, the second largest in Bengaluru, is at the tail end of a chain of lakes and sewage from different localities flows into it in large quantities. Irrespective of repeated complaints and some measures, the crisis of the Bengaluru lakes keep haunting it's residents.

Cleaning up of the Bellandur is a mammoth task-it is the largest lake in Bengaluru and receives almost 40 per cent of the city's sewage.

"The sorry state of Varthur and Bellandur lakes only attains prominence when there is frothing", he said.