Congressman Blake Farenthold Floats Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory on CNN

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His services were paid for not by Rich's grieving family but instead by Ed Butowsky, a Dallas businessman who writes for Breitbart in his spare time. The Metropolitan Police Department continues to investigate the murder and police say there is evidence to suggest Rich was the victim of a botched robbery. In fact, it's even more interesting to watch it play out then #RussiaGate. Don't they want to get to the bottom of this?

They're connected to Butowsky through a group called Reclaim New York, where Bannon and the Mercers are both involved, and which Butowsky, a Dallas-area wealth manager, claimed to be on the board of. The Fox News statement did not specify what went wrong or how it did so, and it did not bear the name of an author. I've written countless articles dismissing this fraudulent Rupert Murdoch & now deceased, Roger Ailes, media interest. Wheeler is a regular Fox News contributor, which means that he was purporting to serve as a source for the same people paying him to appear on the air. When much of Fox programming abandoned coverage of the biggest story in decades - the possible obstruction of justice by the president - the facade of legitimate journalism crumbled. He declined to say if Fox News offered an apology.

Sean Hannity is a piece of shit. Either loved by his faithful followers or despised for his brand of hatred.

But now we are being constantly bombarded with stories about the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. Hours after Wheeler's report, he told CNN that his "information" was in fact "from the reporter at Fox News", not based on hard evidence or any of his own original findings or sources, including at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "I am here to do my job every night".

The Fox News Channel has retracted a week-old story based on a groundless conspiracy theory involving the death of a staffer for the Democratic National Committee, conceding it did not meet the network's standards.

If you know me or have read my writing, you know that I am a supporter of the president. "I knew Seth Rich". The recently fired FBI Director, James Comey's story about this is a little sketchy. Rich was supposedly killed for this, and the belief is that Russian intelligence has been elaborately framed for the leaks. I've also posted on Facebook countless articles blowing up this myth because as of today, there is no evidence of a hack.

The public disclosure of the content of those DNC emails threw Hillary Clinton's campaign into turmoil during the 2016 election and led to the resignation of the chairwoman of the DNC, though they did not contain any extraordinary revelations. By the way, there is a lawsuit underway against the DNC for the actions they took against Bernie Sanders. Assange has also repeatedly denied that the Russian government was the source for the hacked DNC emails. He's not giving up on the "blame Seth for the DNC leaks, not Russia" story.

Only a full, transparent, apolitical investigation into Rich's murder will put this issue to rest.

Because everyone on the unhinged right (I have chose to stop using the term far-right, because that connotes actual policy beliefs, and these people have none) believes that Hillary Clinton is the kind of person who would run a child sex ring out of a pizza shop, a conspiracy theory instantly took root that she and the DNC murdered Seth Rich to cover up documents that he was passing to Wikileaks.

Sean Hannity has completely lost that aspect of himself.