Coulter's Berkeley speech canceled, police prep for violence

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Another training session will take place Thursday at the University of Hartford in CT.

When questioned, BCR representatives and Harmeet Dhillon refused to tell Conatus News who was funding the lawsuit, or if it was being undertaken pro bono, but said they are ready to take it past the appeals court level, presumably meaning to the Supreme Court. Well, we're not allowing that to happen.

Burba declined to offer specifics about the training, to avoid disclosing proprietary police tactics.

Coulter, one of America's best-known and most provocative pundits on the political right, said on Wednesday that she no longer meant to defy university officials by speaking on campus without their permission.

But the school has acknowledged that it has become a prime spot in recent months for political groups of all stripes to demonstrate, sometimes violently.

Coulter's frustration is understandable, but there was virtually zero chance that she would have been able to lead the kind of productive, interactive session she had envisioned. Four people were arrested — one for obstructing an officer and wearing a mask to evade police, and another for possessing a knife.

Stanger wrote an editorial about her experience, saying the country's "constitutional democracy will depend on whether Americans can relearn how to engage civilly with one another, something that is admittedly hard to do with a bullying president as a role model".

Even liberals have been stepping forward to blast Berkeley. Middlebury's political science chair later apologized-to the rioters, for inviting Murray.

Coulter says she might still show up to say hello to supporters.

The speech was originally set for April 27, but the school canceled it, citing security concerns.

The result has been such toxicity on college campuses that even conservatives acknowledge it is causing their side to dig in irrationally, growing intractable even when the speaker is someone like Mr. Yiannopoulos, who has defended pederasty, or Richard Spencer, a white supremacist and self-appointed leader of the fringe alt-right movement.

The Berkeley College Republicans and the politically moderate BridgeUSA had invited Coulter, the author of best-selling gems such as "Adios America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole", for a discussion about immigration.

For their part in the Coulter event, university officials disputed that they had cancelled her event.

University spokesman Dan Mogulof said: "Ms. Coulter and speakers regardless of their position are welcome on this campus". "It's a sad day for free speech", she told The New York Times. She will continue to sell books and will find other venues to deliver her opinions. "This is the home of the Free Speech Movement", he said.

On the day last week when the University of California at Berkeley canceled today's appearance by Ann Coulter, the fiery conservative commentator received a hero's welcome on Fox News.

Photos circulating on social media showed students protesting for free speech at the university in 1965, with critics stating that they now embrace "censorship" and "suppression" instead.

"We know that there are many among us who want to tackle the very real threat posed by the political far right, which is growing emboldened in Washington, D.C., and in the streets of Berkeley, Calif.", the group posted on Facebook. The school had earlier canceled an appearance by Yiannopoulos in November out of safety concerns, while Florida Atlantic University postponed his appearance in September because of threats of violence.