Egyptian woman sheds 50 percent weight, leaves India

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Doctors late last month said the 37-year-old now weighs 176 Kilos, but her sister, Shaima, posted a video on social media describing that as "absolute lies" and says that Ms Ahmed is now experiencing convulsions as a result of her surgery, claims that Saifee Hospital has refuted in detail, including in this blog written for by her main doctor, Muffazal Lakdawala.

Eman, a resident of Alexandria in Egypt, had not stepped out of her house for more than two decades due to her obese condition followed by a stroke that left her paralysed on one side a year ago. However, the hospital administration has accused her of not taking the responsibility and going back.

It is a new day, new hope, and new set of doctors for Eman Abdul Atti, who landed safely in Abu Dhabi yesterday night.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty had been previously considered the heaviest woman in the world, but thanks to an intervention from doctors in India, she managed to leave their hospital 325 kg lighter than her previous weight.

She will complete the six-hour journey on a hydraulic stretcher specially imported from Italy, and helped by a 12-mile (20km) "green" corridor created by Mumbai authorities to clear the route from hospital to airport.

Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian declared the world's fattest woman, was flown to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday evening to undergo treatment for severe obesity.

After her long and successful treatment in Mumbai, since February 11, she will now be treated at Abu Dhabi's VPS Healthcare, said Lakdawala.

On March 2017, doctors operated on her and reduced the size of her stomach, leaving it a third of its size, to reduce her food intake. Apparently, Selim gave Abd El Aty water, a move that could have threatened her health.

Abd El Aty's family could not be reached for comment by Reuters after news of her transfer broke. Later they determined that her obesity is influenced by a genetic condition that can not be treated with surgery. "She is smiling and waving to the doctors and bonding with the nurses", said a senior doctor.

"Shaimaa then said she has been promised by Burjeel Hospital officials that Eman will be able to stand and walk soon".

Doctors in India have refusing to continue treating Miss Abdulati - saying they have fitted a gastric band and now she needs to continue the work on her own at home. A motorized wheelchair and an electric patient lifter with a pick-up capacity of 300 kilos have been specially imported from the United States and Sweden.

Ms El Aty was put on a special liquid diet in India to reduce her weight enough so that doctors could perform bariatric surgery.