Excited BJP says it has the 'right position' for Rajinikanth

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Police have stepped up vigil across Chennai and Tamil Nadu following tensions, after many Tamil groups came out strongly against Rajinikanth, advising him to stick to films.

Earlier on Friday, while addressing the final day of Rajni-darbar the Tamil superstar said, after living in Tamil Nadu for 43 years and receiving the fans" appreciation, he has now turned into a "true-Tamilian'. These days his every word is being scrutinised for clues whether the 66-year-old will indeed join politics and which political party he may ally with.

At a recent meeting with his fans, the actor hinted at making a foray into politics. "Rajinikanth should have opposed this, but I'm sure he will run away", said Swamy.

Swamy further said that Rajinikanth does not fit in the current political situation and also lamented the idea of having movie stars in politics.

Tamil Nadu is already buzzing with rumours about Rajinikanth, who enjoys the status of a demigod, joining politics after he asked his fans to prepare for "war".

According to latest report, Rajinikanth is planning to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP president Amit Shah has said that the party would welcome actor Rajinikanth, but that the superstar has to first decide to enter politics. Political parties have expressed different views over the worldwide superstar's entry into politics.

Tamil Nadu is abuzz with speculation that the veteran actor has chose to throw his hat into the political ring.

Rajinikanth has a standing invitation from the BJP to join politics, and the party.

The Tamil outfit staged a protest on Monday near Rajinikanth's residence opposing his likely entry into politics. He also added that he was "a pure Tamil" and that he has been in Tamil Nadu for more than forty years and spent just 23 years in the neighbouring state.

"Even God can't save Tamil Nadu" if AIADMK was elected again, he said.