Happy (Divorced) Mother's Day

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We just don't put Mother's or Father's Day in that "big" holiday category.

Some children also told us how they make Mother's Day shine for their moms. The same is true of all our ancestors as far back as you care to count.

Obviously, my dad is going to visit my grandma on Mother's Day, but I've been a bit hesitant to join him.

Get rid of your old expectations and create new rituals for your family to prepare and celebrate your motherhood. There are folks who take a political stand against the Fourth of July. It is also an opportunity to teach our children to consider the relationships they have with the women who gave birth to them and the roles that their mothers play in their lives.

Mother's Day was started in 1908 by a woman named Anna Jarvis, who wanted a way to honor her own mother.

The first Mother's Day in the US was organized by Jarvis in May 1908 at a church in West Virginia.

And she'd say, "Well, this is nice". Even so, the concept caught on quickly and by 1911 Mother's Day was held in every state.

Bruhns spoke with 90.5 WESA's Sarah Kovash about Jarvis' inspiration for the holiday and why she would hate what it has become since its inception. You were made to be your child's mother. It is still a money-maker for many. "Not much sleep! But I wouldn't give it up for the world". Estimates are this year that figure will rise to $23 billion. However, the person I really want to see is my mom, so unfortunately this day will always feel incomplete. They say they would be happy just to have their children visit and spend time with them. And not the usual flowers, beauty products, or massage certificates (which are all flawless and lovely gifts). You can share them to your friends on various social media and networking websites like, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram Etc.

The word "mother" is mentioned in the Bible almost 250 times showing God's priority in respecting motherhood. You're obviously waiting for the last-minute sales, so you're applying her lessons about saving money in real time. There are so many mothers we know in our lives, though, and celebrating our favorites and those who inspire us can mean everything. That is a gift that is probably much appreciated. Every day has great significance, among those great days, Mothers day is one. No body can take over her place, and she will always stay as the special lady in everyone's life.

Can you think of any more out-of-the-box gifts for your mom? That's why she deserves special treatment now, not some date in the distant future. Whether it's your mom or your mother in law or grandmother.

Many books have been written about hard mother-daughter relationships and can offer great comfort to any suffering daughter who needs to know that you are not alone and should not feel it is your fault if your relationship with your mother is impaired.