Ivanka Trump criticized over brand's champagne ice pop tweet

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Ivanka Trump's brand stirred up some controversy this Memorial Day after her business account had the audacity to suggest on Twitter that people celebrate the long weekend with champagne popsicles. It's gotten 3,600 replies and counting-far outpacing its predecessors-many of which call out the brand for ignoring or downplaying the reason for the holiday by, poignantly, offering remembrances of their own.

Similarly, her father received a great amount of backlash for his Memorial Day tweets. But we're dealing with a Trump brat here. The tweet included a link to a roundup of ideas of things to do on the holiday weekend.

Still, many mocked Trump for the popsicle tweet.

"Today we honor the men & women in our armed forces who have lost their lives to protect our freedom", she wrote. "Thank you, God bless your families & God bless the U.S.!"

One Twitter user wrote: "You'd think that no one could be that utterly callous right?"

Like most of us, celebrities and politicians took to Twitter on Memorial Day to honor those who have served the US.

One tweeted: "My dad was a gunner in Vietnam and had to clean the blood off his dead friends out of the chopper".

Since all eyes are on Ivanka - especially considering her husband's alleged involvement in creating a secret communications channel with Russian Federation - people were quick to respond to her lighthearted, three-day-weekend suggestions.

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