John Oliver on Trump firing Comey: 'Can he really be this stupid?'

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Not surprisingly, John Oliver gave his take on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight. But on Thursday, President Trump asserted in an NBC interview with Lester Holt that he had planned to fire Comey regardless.

The New Zealand Prime Minister said he hadn't seen the footage last week, but 'for the sake of his audience, I hope it's amusing'.

Oliver admitted he's no longer surprised to see Trump "being insane", so instead of expecting him to change in office, he hopes Congress will continue with the investigation into Russia's meddling of the election and potential ties with the administration. While firing Comey in the letter, Trump just has to mention that Comey had informed him "on three separate occasions" that he wasn't under FBI investigation. Obviously there are the investigations that are now ongoing.

According to the White House, Comey was sacked late Tuesday on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein.

Oliver described Trump's words about the "tapes" as "both a borderline obstruction of justice and the meaningless rantings of a confused, old idiot". However, Trump later contradicted all of them in an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News when he said that he made the decision to fire Comey because "this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story". It must have been someone much stronger and smarter, with a much hotter daughter.' And before they finished that sentence, Trump would be yelling: 'I did it! It was me! Lock me up!

"It is the kind of response that makes you ask three questions: One, can he really be this stupid?" "And it's entirely possible the answers to all three questions are yes".

John Oliver called on the Republicans in Congress to keep Donald Trump in check following firing of James Comey. "Apparently, no part of P90X targets the backbone". It's on you. Because when you've got the presidential equivalent of a five year old shitting on the salad bar of a Ruby Tuesday, at some point you stop blaming the five year old and you start blaming the people who are not stopping him. Stop that boy, that's what I'm saying.