Macron honors man killed by French far-right

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According to the French Interior Minister, Matthias Fekl, six riot police were injured, two seriously, in clashes that took place during a march organised by some French unions who oppose the right-wing presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen.

Ms Le Pen, who stepped down as FN leader last week in a bid to broaden her appeal, wants to ditch the euro currency and hold a referendum on European Union membership so that France can reimpose border controls and deny state service to non-nationals. "I want a free people".

He said he was aware that "many people will vote for me to avoid having the National Front". Both face off in Sunday's runoff. Fillon has urged voters to back Macron.

Unlike Melania Trump, however, Le Pen couldn't care less about trying to convince her critics for stealing her opponent's words.

However it emerged today that parts sections of the speech were nearly identical to one given by Francois Fillon, the leader of the conservative Republicans Party, in an address near Limoges two weeks ago. She expelled him in 2015 after he reiterated anti-Semitic comments.

Macron again charged Le Pen on Tuesday with surfing on citizen's anger and dividing society to the point of putting France on the road to civil war.

At a Paris rally, he said: "You know the friends and allies of Mrs. Le Pen". Yet with many backers of first-round candidates considering abstention, the outcome is far from certain and Macron says that he isn't taking anything for granted.

Thousands of French union activists are marching through Paris and other cities to demand that France's next president protect worker rights - but they appear divided about how to cast their vote.

The National Front traditionally holds a May Day march in Paris to honor Joan of Arc.

Some carried banners protesting both far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Something similar has happened during France's presidential election season.

The professor also brought up the uncertainty of how supporters of far left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon will cast their ballots as very few of them support the globalist policies of Emmanuel Macron. In the graphic novel, Durpaire looks at how a Le Pen presidency would interact with U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin also predicting riots and trouble in France.

Maud Le Rest reported from Paris. If this isn't the case, then why do certain leaders from the left today refuse to support Macron against Le Pen?

She also accused Macron of wanting the "uberisation of society" - an apparent reference to the dilution of traditional workplace rights - and of seeking to "throw communities against each other".