Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

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In this photo provided by NBC, Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, performs during "Spicer Returns" on the television show "Saturday Night Live", Saturday, May 13, 2017, in NY. There was no way McCarthy wasn't going to mock Spicer for it, and she definitely delivers!

When Melissa McCarthy was announced as the host of last night's episode of "Saturday Night Live" a few weeks ago, it was obvious that she'd bring back her friend Sean Spicer, but who could have foreseen what the Spiceman has been up to since then?

Of all the impressions to emerge from Donald Trump's White House, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer might have been the most unexpected.

"Everybody's convinced: They say there is no collusion", Trump said.

In the skit, she reads out her bank routing number, hides in the bushes, illustrates the Russian Federation investigation using matryoshka dolls, and, of course, throws props and insults at the press corps.

However, the Cold Open featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump and Michael Che as Lester Holt, took home the prize for this night's most brutal skit.

Game Show - Melissa McCarthy may be the best physical comic to take to Saturday Night Live since Chris Farley (though Molly Shannon comes close too).

In real life, Sanders was forced to field questions about the press secretary's role as Trump threatened to cancel all press briefings - and SNL jumped into that debate head first. Because he told us so, period!

Sanders claimed that Spicey's hideout in the bushes was a Naval exercise, but before you can blink, McCarthy's Spicer is back in the press room, spraying a reporter with a fire extinguisher and yelling, "When you lie all the time, your trousers go on fire".

The sketch included footage of McCarthy riding Spicer's podium through New York City, news of which had been shared by fans on social media on Friday.

But was this true? Had Trump been feeding him lies?

"No! Is this like The Godfather where you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?"

Spicer then told Thrush to shut up after he had asked a follow up question. McCarthy's Spicer asked Baldwin's Trump, who replied, "Only since you started working here".

"Yes", Trump said simply before he embraced Spicer and the pair began to make-out passionately.

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