Mobile Launches BOGO Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8

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It said at the time: "The objective of introducing refurbished devices is exclusively to reduce and minimize any environmental impact".

Going on the available user feedback, it has been assumed that the problem is related to the hardware and not software.

Plus, you have to pay monthly, which, with taxes and fees, ends up costing you more out of pocket. With the changes, it should prevent easy physical damage to the battery, and the cells inside the new, lower-capacity battery should individually be safer. Analysis has suggested that the reason the batteries exploded in the first place was that they were a little too much for the casing. And now after two months, Samsung has made the Galaxy J5 smartphone available in Australia. The devices are regularly priced at $750 or $850 FRP, making this deal a big way to save. But is it worth it?

To recall the Galaxy Note 7 was initially launched at an approx price tag of Rs 59,807. It will definitely be a more powerful handset than last year's Note device.

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Now, the Galaxy Note 7 must have had its own dramatic story of rise and fall, nevertheless, it was one of the most promising products of 2016, until it burst into flames, that is.

Along with the latest version of Android, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets come as the manufacturer intended. If it will indeed have a lot smaller price tag, the choice between the Note 7R and the upcomingNote 8 would be a no-brainer for the majority of people.

The South Korean conglomerate meanwhile is also tipped to launch a successor to the Galaxy Folder 1 with the new Galaxy Folder 2.

If recent reports are an indication, then it is possible that the release of the Galaxy Note 8 will also happen this 2017.

The BOGO moniker is misleading, as you technically don't get the phone for free that day.