Netflix is disappearing from the Play Store for some users

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The latest changelog on the app's homepage in PlayStore states that "Version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements".

On Saturday, Netflix's app started showing up as "incompatible" on the Play Store for unlocked and rooted Android devices. Android Police said that although downloads are blocked the app still works on rooted devices.

However, we would suggest our readers get their Android devices running on verified versions of Android if their phones are rooted.

The vast majority of Android users never bother with rooting their hardware.

KitGuru Says: There are so many ways to circumvent this sort of blocking that it's not even amusing. On the contrary, you can still download the Netflix APK and install it which many users have reported as the main workaround for this conflict.

We can't say "chill" anymore now that Netflix is blocking devices that are unlocked or rooted. Now, majority will have to choose to keep their root access and watch things as they unfold.

Netflix, which just recently lost a whole whack of ladies in prison drama Orange is the New Black to a ransomware attack, confirmed the block in a statement to Android Police. With this method, you wouldn't have to go through the Play Store and you could still receive regular updates to the Netflix app. The change, according to Netflix, is meant to make it harder for people to pirate the company's video content by using a new digital rights management platform, or DRM.

This will come at a price though, as Netflix has confirmed reports that rooted devices can't download the app from the Play Store anymore. The Google Play Store listing seems to be tied to clearance to run Android Pay, not Widevine itself.

Users of rooted devices, though, will be familiar with sideloading APKs. Even stranger is that if you already had the Netflix app installed, you won't be barred from using it.