New PlayStation Trailer Highlights PS4 Exclusives with Dynamic 4k Resolution

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A sample size of 2,000 participants over the age of 13, with a 50/50 split between males and females. The PS4 (21 percent) leads the way in the gamer group, followed by Xbox One (17 percent), Switch (16 percent), PS4 Pro (15 percent), and Scorpio (13 percent). It will also be compatible with Project Scorpio when that launches later in 2017.

The Sony PlayStation 5 or PS5 may release sooner than you think... actually it could even be out before the end of 2018. How could millions of people not know these new products, or have paid attention to any aspect of the console industry over the a year ago or so without ever hearing about new console upgrades?

Simply put, it's a monthly subscription service that gives you access to an extensive library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, all playable on your Xbox One console. There is no dictionary definition that can satisfy everyone, and no certification board that decides how to define the fandom and how far it extends or to whom.

According to a recently published Nielsen Games report that measures the consumer habits in the U.S. gaming market, only a subset of the gaming community appears interested in potentially owning Sony and Microsoft's mid-generation consoles despite of their amped up specs lists.

Here's an explanation and some background on the stats from Nielsen: "Among U.S. gamers, consoles are the preferred device to play on".

Unsurprisingly enough, casual gamers were even lower yet, with only 9% planning on getting an Xbox Scorpio and only 11% gunning for the PS4 Pro. There is the possibility of a chicken-and-egg problem on our hands.

This survey is conducted annually in the United States to investigate how American gamers are feeling about gaming and what products they want to buy.

Sony says it's developing tools to make it easer for developers to implement PS4-ready features at launch. Capybara Games next intends to update players on progress when the game has "a firm release date".

So how well does this bode for the potential sales of the Scorpio and the continued sales of the PS4 Pro? It's worth noting that the game is a timed exclusive to Microsoft, too.

There's no option to rent individual games, but as mentioned above, there's a 20 percent discount if you decide to purchase any of the games while they're still part of the Game Pass catalogue, with a further 10 percent off any DLC or other related purchases. To that end, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made some key remarks at Microsoft's most recent financial analysis briefing. Perhaps the expo next month will see this game introduced in the Switch. Microsoft and Sony may be fine with selling lower numbers of these "pro" devices, and more of the standard systems, if it can nurture an enthusiast market in the console space like the one that exists now on the PC.