Theresa May 'more in touch' than Nicola Sturgeon, says Ruth Davidson

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An SNP spokesman said: "The arrogant Tories can spin as much as they like, but the fact stands that the SNP won the election last week on a platform of protecting local services while Ruth Davidson's party obsessed over the constitution and were roundly beaten".

"It's clearer now than ever before that only Labour can defeat the SNP in vast swathes of Scotland".

"We go into this election with one seat".

But in the local elections the Lib Dems secured only 6.8% of first preference votes.

"On June 8, people can vote for a SNP candidate who will campaign every day for another divisive referendum or they can back a Labour candidate, who will be a local champion for constituents".

Internal party data based on how Scotland voted at last week's local government election claims that the party is poised to stage a remarkable comeback north of the border.

A Tory source told a newspaper: "Alex Salmond can't take anything for granted in this election. If we do that can only come from the SNP".

Nevertheless, the SNP (slightly) overplayed its hand in this election, giving the impression it would win overall control of local authorities in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

After a record result in the Scottish local government elections, where they returned 276 councillors, the Conservatives now have seats such as Mr Salmond's Gordon constituency and the Moray seat of SNP depute leader Angus Robertson in their sights.

The party's James Kelly MSP said: "How can Nicola Sturgeon claim to speak for all of Scotland having secured less than a third of the vote?"

She said: "If you compare north and south of the border, the Tories polled less in Scotland than Jeremy Corbyn did in England, and yet Jeremy Corbyn has been written off as a disaster".

She said: "Across Scotland, it's a two-horse race".

In a series of eyebrow-raising results, the Tories also won a seat in Cowdenbeath, where previous year the UK's last elected Communist stood down, and even in Ravenscraig. Not only is the Tory revival real (some Nationalists appeared to be in denial about that), but if some of the swings on Thursday are replicated in Westminster constituencies next month then the SNP could lose some senior figures.

"Tory MPs from Scotland will be a rubber-stamp for Theresa May, for her reckless approach to Brexit and the cuts we know the Tories will want to impose".

"The Tories are the party of the "rape clause" and hard Brexit".

The former SNP leader said: "I think most people would have said that was a bad decision for the Prime Minister to break her word on the election, but as my dad always says you play the ball as it lies, and where the ball lies is we're fighting an election campaign and we intend to fight it and to win it".

"Also in the north-east of Scotland it's not the greatest thing to boast you're going to win beforehand, the folk here tend to bring them back down to earth with a bump".

"As none of us are strong enough to win any of the seats in Kent on our own it is nearly as if they want the status quo of traditional party divides to remain and ensure another five years of Conservative government".