Tillerson arrives in Alaska for Arctic meeting

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Herrmann contines: "The transition from the Obama Administration's One Arctic vision to President Trump's America First agenda has left Arctic states unsure of how, and to what extent, the US will actively contribute to the ambitions of the Finnish Chairmanship and engage in the Council".

The brief encourages the Arctic Council to consider increasing the involvement of sub-national governments, like Alaska, in the Council's work.

"Russia is doing and will do a lot to make sure the Arctic develops as a territory of peace, stability and cooperation", Lavrov said speaking at the council's meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska. Freeland said that will be a good time to take stock of the accomplishments of the last two years. This is a significant opportunity for Alaskans and people of the Arctic to showcase our ways of life, priorities, and perspectives to people from all over the world...

The Arctic Council will release its first cookbook called "Eallu, Indigenous Youth, Arctic Change & Food Culture: Food, Knowledge and how we have thrived on the Margins", with 160 pages of text, photos and 30 recipes from Indigenous peoples around the Arctic, at a May 10 launch that will see a panel discussing food, knowledge, youth and how best to use food and traditional knowledge for community empowerment.

A protester carries a sign depicting the earth during the Peoples Climate March near the White House in Washington, U.S., April 29, 2017.

(AP Photo/Mark Thiessen). U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, draped on each side by the American and Alaska flags, speaks at the welcoming ceremony to kick off Arctic Council events in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. The Trump administration is in turmoil over whether to fulfill the president's campaign pledge to pull out of a historic worldwide agreement to address climate change, and has postponed a decision at least until late this month. Moreover, a growing number of scientists are now suggesting the changes upending the Arctic reverberate and also affect the far more populous mid-latitudes, through distant connections that predispose the atmosphere to extreme weather events.

But, he said, even if the United States was to somehow reduce its commitment to the council and Arctic issues, the organisation's work would continue.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sam Tan is in Fairbanks, Alaska, to attend the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting. Trump has also advocated opening more of the Arctic to energy extraction. "We'd heard. that there would likely be a significant USA effort to redline or even remove entirely the Paris and climate language", said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the talks. Trump has dismissed the science backing climate change and proposed to open the American Arctic to oil and gas drilling.

"And the USA will remain engaged in the work that the Arctic Council does on climate change throughout".

It's meant to advance worldwide research projects in the Arctic, expand contacts between scientists, promote the sharing of research results, simplify border-crossing procedures and explore the possibility of jointly using research infrastructure.

Canada and the Nordic countries have stressed the importance of staying in the Paris agreement, setting them up for a potential clash with the United States over language in a final agreement to be reached at the conclusion of Thursday's meeting.

"U.S. Arctic policy has not changed very much, administration to administration, going all the way back to the early '90s", Balton told reporters.

The SWIPA report goes on to say, if greenhouse gases are reduced now, numerous changes could slow or stop after the middle of the century.