All Eyes on the Tropics as Potential Storm Nears Gulf of Mexico

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Areas of interest include Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It appears nearly certain that a 93-L will become a tropical system in the Gulf by Wednesday.

The storm, located about 300 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River had sustained winds of about 40 mph and has slowed significantly to 9 mph.

Development chances will increase for the system to become the next depression or tropical storm in the Atlantic Basin after it reaches the southern Gulf of Mexico Monday. Clouds will hang around but eventually move out by Tuesday morning leaving us with mostly sunny skies.

At the moment, the exact track still has many possibilities, but east of the center could see very heavy rain spread out through the middle of the week.

TROPICAL UPDATE: Watching two areas of unsettled weather in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Bret has formed in the Atlantic, but that isn't the storm now brewing that might impact South Carolina's weather.

But this storm may not get a chance to become Tropical Storm Bret.

A hurricane-hunter aircraft mission slated for Sunday was canceled as the storm still lacked a well-defined center, according to the NHC.

Regardless of development, heavy rains are likely to develop over portions of Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Western Cuba from the system. This model has been consistently directing the feature toward the west-northwest bringing it closer to Mexico or Texas. But this is not the storm that we are most concerned about here in Central Louisiana. We are going to leave rain chances in the forecast for these days and the greatest coverage of rain and storms will come during the afternoon and evening hours.

The issuance of forecast cones and advisories before a system receives a name is something new for this hurricane season by the NHC.