Apple unveils watchOS 4 and the future of Apple Watch

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WWDC While touting forthcoming operating system features at its annual developer conference on Monday, Apple made sure to mention machine learning and related AI-oriented terminology over and over.

The Siri face will deliver information to the user depending on what time it is and what events the user has lined up for the day. There's also new faces based on the hit Toy Story franchise which includes faces with Buzz, Woody, and Jessie. The new platform introduces a number of new features, including new watchfaces - like one that integrates Siri support - and other fitness related updates, like personalized challenges, updated Workout and Activity apps, and more.

Person to person payments, which was also demonstrated in the recent iOS 11 announcement, will also make its way to watchOS 4, allowing users to transfer money to friends and family in a way that resembles the iMessage app.

We're past 10:00 AM in San Jose, California, which means that WWDC 2017 has officially begun. Multiple workouts can also now be chained sequentially into a single session.

Apple improved the fitness capabilities of the watchOS.

The Apple Watch is being marketed as the "ultimate device for a healthy life".

WatchOS 4: What is WatchOS? WatchOS 4 also adds some new workouts such as high intensity interval training and includes some updates to the workouts for swimming.

Apple also announced a couple of fun watch faces, including a "Kaleidoscope" face that focuses more on pretty graphics rather than information. The biggest highlight of the WatchOS 4 is the proactive Siriwatch face that displays the information users need most throughout the day. With the update, you can navigate through the album art by turning the Digital Crown. Or you could wait for the official release some time during fall.

For those into, er, running and things, there's a handful of updates to Apple's Activity app.

The changes to the Music app are not only in design, but now it's built to connect directly to the Workout app. Native core bluetooth support, for example, is coming to Apple Watch. The company has addressed the problems with gym equipment as well with WatchOS 4.

We will nearly certainly see Apple's latest software iteration at this year's WWDC on 5 June.

The user can also ask Siri about the musicians playing the current song and even tell her "Hey Siri, I like this song" to record the user's tastes, mood, and preferred genres.