Gov. Scott vetoes $400M dollars from state budget, calls for special session

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So much for all that Republican in fighting in Tallahassee. But House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O'Lakes, apparently won the biggest prize even though Scott avoided publicly confirming it: The governor's promise not to veto HB 7069, a monstrosity of more than 50 bills packaged together in secret that micromanages public school districts and favors privately run charter schools.

Lawmakers will also add about $200 million back into public schools.

"The only person who would know is me", Scott told reporters.

The Governor announced he and the legislature are closing in on a budget deal, involving everything from your child's education to promoting Florida tourism. Corcoran led opposition to Scott's proposal, likening incentive programs to "corporate welfare".

This year's proposed budget cut funding for the economic and tourism development agencies Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida, but the Governor is now vetoing that move, increasing that funding to $76 million.

The cuts include such things as $300,000 for the Historic Gulfview Hotel restoration in Fort Walton Beach; $500,000 for the Miami Downtown Development Authority's Baywalk; $89,435 for repairs to the Port Boca Lighthouse; $3 million for infrastructure improvements at Daytona Beach International Airport; and $4 million for the St. Leo University, Florida Hospital Wellness Center.

Advocates of traditional public education welcomed Gov. Rick Scott's demand on Friday that lawmakers redo the K-12 education budget for next year and boost it with $215 million in additional spending.

The veto came after education advocates said the Legislature had not provided enough money for public schools in the new budget.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is vetoing $410 million in projects from the new state budget. That money will be used to fund Scott's priorities.

In announcing the deal, Scott and Corcoran appear to have finally declared a truce after engaging in an intense war of words over the last few months, primarily over the issue of economic incentives. Scott also asked for $85 million in business incentives for Enterprise Florida, but those were zeroed out in the budget.

"The whole focus will be how to get more jobs in the state", Scott said.

- THE NUCLEAR OPTION: Scott could veto the entire $82.4 billion bill and call lawmakers back into a special session to pass a new budget.

But both Scott and Corcoran are considering 2018 campaigns, Scott for the U.S. Senate and Corcoran for governor.

House and Senate leaders remained hopeful that they could strike a deal on the framework for carrying out a voter-approved constitutional amendment that broadly legalizing medical marijuana.