Malta denies Saudi Arabia cuts off with Malta

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"We have intelligence that Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in promoting terrorist groups operating on the eastern side of Iran in Baluchistan", Zarif said.

Iranian authorities on Saturday were still trying to determine the facts surrounding the incident which happened on Friday.

"Trump has been tweeting and expressing on some occasions very clear support for Saudi Arabia but the rest of the US government apparatus has been taking a much more nuanced position", Juneau said.

The chief executive of Sharjah National Oil Corp said earlier on Sunday he did not expect flows of natural gas from Qatar to the United Arab Emirates to be interrupted by the diplomatic dispute in the region.

The Twitter account suspension comes at a time of diplomatic crisis in the Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Joshua Teitelbaum, a specialist on Saudi Arabia at Bar Ilan University's Besa Center, says Saudi dissatisfaction with Doha is longstanding.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised eyebrows over the weekend when he said King Salman agreed to consider an offer to establish a Turkish military base in the kingdom alongside a Turkish base in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia also sealed its land border with Qatar, which relies heavily on imports for food and raw materials.

"Unfortunately, some Arab states were silent when it came to Qatar".

The country has stepped in to provide fresh diary products to Doha after traditional supply lines from the UAE and Saudi Arabia were cut. Egypt's Sisi: Boycott against Qatar should include Turkey.

"There certainly is a risk, now that Turkey has firmly sided with Qatar, that this would lead to increased tension" with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, says Ulgen.

The Saudis were emboldened to act against Qatar by the recent visit to Riyadh of US President Donald Trump and the unqualified backing he expressed for them, in contrast to what they felt was a lukewarm posture on the part of the Obama administration. But at the end of the day, Qatar "does not have the ability to withstand sustained pressure from its larger neighbors in the Gulf, especially if this strategy is indeed being backed by the U.S".

The Trump administration's position was clouded further this week when the Defense Department announced that Qatar would sign a $12 billion deal to buy as many as 36 F-15 jets from the U.S.