PlayStation Plus: Games For PlayStation Plus June 2017 Leaked By PlayStation Turkey

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The goodbye news was posted on the Japanese PlayStation website and it comes after nearly a decade of the company's production operations of the device.

Sony recently released a new System Software Update for the PlayStation 4 that was meant to bring new icons and more stability, however, it appears to have destabilized some PlayStation consoles. Sony announced the full lineup, viewable below, which spans the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita handheld.

The PS3 came equipped with distinctive cell microprocessor-powered architecture, which was another barrier for adoption.

The last game included in June's PS+ lineup is Spy Chameleon.

The PS3 launched in Japan (and the U.S. and other markets) in November 2006. The premium PlayStation Plus membership also eventually launched in June 2010, offering gamers monthly free games, discounts, exclusive trials and cloud saves. No doubt there will be plenty of PlayStation VR headsets around and upcoming Sony games to play. As far as the titles for the Vita are concerned, Sony has already confirmed the arrival of some new games including Kung Fury: Street Rage, Plantera, Spellspire and Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception. By withdrawing support for other platforms, Sony is looking to give a better PS Now experience to PS4 and PC owners.

Sony will take up 30,000 square feet of space in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center as it shows off what's next for the PlayStation brand. It has been manufactured for about 10 years which is more than enough for Sony to be proud about. Sony also added, "PS3 shipment in the U.S. already terminated in Oct 2016". Changes to the PlayStation Plus icon is also visible, but you'll need to train your eyes considerably to notice it.

So you've got a game for those with tiny balls and high pitched voices, and you've got a game for those with big balls and strong voices. It's the fastest 60 million made by a PlayStation system yet-including the all-time sales record holding PlayStation 2 (over 155 million units sold).