The Internet's Kamala Harris-Sexism Debate Rages On At 'The View'

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By the time the dust settled, Sessions had told Harris that her style of questioning made him "nervous".

During a discussion after the hearing on Anderson Cooper 360, Trump surrogate and former Trump aide Jason Miller remarked that Harris was "hysterical" during her question-and-answer period with Sessions, which correspondent Kirsten Powers called him out on.

"How was Sen. Harris hysterical?" On Tuesday, the two again interjected as she questioned Sessions over his role as campaign surrogate for President Donald Trump and contact with Russian officials.

And certainly these Senate committee hearings have stressed to me how important it is that we continue to make our voices heard.

Harris: questions and you would rely on that policy. "Mr. Chairman, the witness should be allowed to answer the question", McCain said.

Sessions and Harris spoke over each other throughout the interaction; Sessions seemed eager to slowly and thoroughly deliver his response, and Harris seemed just as eager to push him along, especially when his responses weren't addressing the answers she sought.

Several observers saw a case of sexism, and some suggested possible racial undertones.

Before Harris got her "yes or no" answer, Burr cut her off and said her time had expired.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-NC) cut off Sen.

Harris then asked him if he had consulted the DOJ Policy before coming to the hearing, an answer she wanted in just yes or no.

Democratic senators and left-leaning supporters have pounced on the opportunity to argue against these high-drama exchanges, often turning them into Twitter gold. Unfortunately, as we saw in a similar hearing this time last week, Harris was unable to fully exercise her Senatorial privilege thanks to a vein of disrespect from both Sessions and the Republican Senators in the room. Her constant interruptions of the witness showed utter disrespect for the institution, but made her "presidential timbre" to her peers and the media.

Joyce Lionarons wrote, "My female boss told me she needed to allow each man to interrupt her four times before protesting in a meeting".

Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen.

Many Americans watching the Senate hearings this week related to Harris' frustrations as Sessions continuously refused to give direct answers.

Harris: Is that policy in writing somewhere?

Before you get super excited about the possibilities of further clarity into these American issues because Sessions might have said something, we're glad to let you know that Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (why's his middle name "beauregard" though) said nothing particularly new or helpful. The policy is based ...

As you'd expect from a former federal prosecutor, Harris drilled down.

Sessions should be nervous, because if there's any justice, Sessions and his boss will one day be on lockdown in one of the prisons they plan to send all the black folks, while Kamala Harris will someday become president of the United States.