Trump says British election results 'surprising'

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"I'm sorry for all those candidates and hard working party workers who weren't successful", May had said on Friday after a surprise resurgence by the main opposition Labour Party under its leftwing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Britain's typically right-wing press savaged May over the election outcome, questioning whether she will be able to remain in power after a result that leaves her reliant on uniting rival factions within her party to deliver Brexit.

She would stay on as prime minister. Absolutely. Theresa May has been to the Palace. Further announcements were expected on Saturday.

Surprisingly, Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party, which had stridently campaigned for Brexit, on Friday called for a fresh vote on leaving Europe in light of the election result.

"The government I lead will put fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything we do so that we will fulfill the promise of Brexit together", May said.

Mr Leslie said Labour missed an "open goal" as he had "never known" a more beatable prime minister than Theresa May.

One DUP lawmaker suggested support for May could come vote by vote, making the job of governing fraught with risk. But her party is deeply divided over what they want from Brexit and the result means British businesses still have no idea what trading rules they can expect in the coming years. May is under pressure after the Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in Thursday's election.

ANNA SOUBRY, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party: This is a very bad moment for the Conservative Party and we need to take stock, and our leader needs to take stock as well. Instead, the Tories lost 13 seats in the House of Commons.

May said Brexit talks would begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day the British parliament is due to reconvene.

German politician and European Union executive member Guenther Oettinger said, however, that a weak British leader increased the risk negotiations would turn out badly. But now that she's politically weaker, what'll happen with the Brexit deal?

There was little sympathy for May from some Europeans.

Brexit negotiations will continue until March 2019. Following the Brexit referendum, the snap polls represent the second disastrous election called by a Tory PM in two years. There were also shock results in Scotland.

DUP Leader Arlene Foster recently denied the party was homophobic.

May's authority has "received a blow from which it is unlikely to recover", said former Conservative M.P. Paul Goodman, editor of the influential website ConservativeHome.

May was criticized for refusing to engage in face-to-face debate with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, for proposed policies that would force the elderly to pay more for care, and for taking police officers off the streets, which some said undermined the country's security during the Manchester Arena and London Bridge attacks.

The Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in Thursday's election.

"We want to negotiate quickly, we want to stick to the time plan, and so at this point I don't think there is anything to suggest these negotiations can not start as was agreed". May called the snap vote in a bid to strengthen her mandate ahead of exit talks with the European Union.