Watch Neill Blomkamp's First Impressive Trailer from His Independent Studio

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Making his feature film debut with District 9, South African-Canadian director Neill Blomkamp's 2009 tale of humanoid space prawns living among us became an immediate critical and commercial success.

Though the concept of aliens seizing earth and killing off humankind isn't entirely fresh, Blomkamp frequently backs his stories with socially conscious themes, and already, Volume 1 looks more like a fully realized, big-budget flick than the short films Blomkamp previously touted.

Fans know Neill Blomkamp as the mind behind fan favorite film District 9 and the loosely tied Matt Damon movie Elysium, but he has been teasing a mysterious project for a while now.

The cryptic trailer opens with a shot of a dilapidated Eiffel Tower, as a voiceover says, "We were once mankind".

Whatever Oat Studios ends up being, we'll find out in the near future - the first volume is supposedly streaming "soon", according to the teaser. Earlier this month, he showed off a 15 second teaser showing off a soldier shooting down. something.

It seems that Blomkamp's love for Aliens is as strong as ours. From the various clips we can see what appear to be Vietnam-era zombies, lizard-alien overlords and several intense speed-ramped explosions. This forthcoming project will be the first of the series. If he goes with that binary distribution model, it would make his short film project experimental in more ways that one.

Nevertheless, the teaser is intriguing, and could give Blomkamp the creative boost to once again reach the heights of the magnificent District 9.