Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Would Love To Do A Superman Movie

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The film has garnered strong reviews since its debut, with a Rotten Tomatoes critics score of 93%.

Not noted in the movie is Wonder Woman's beginning in comic books. The war scenes, the show of strength is what keeps the audience involved, and they look forward to her next appearance in Justice League, later this year. I was like 'I need her to see some brutality.' So, we added her seeing the horses being whipped.

Wonder Woman has gotten DC on the right track and if the future films can stay at the same standard then there is hope for the franchise. The heroine leaves with the pilot for the front lines of the war, determined to bring an end to the devastation. Let us know what you thought of Wonder Woman by giving the movie your own ComicBook.com User Rating below.

Given the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, many have been wondering what Jenkins has lined up next.

Caroline Belge, 21, of Hyde Park saw the film in Methuen on Friday with her boyfriend Vincent Anderson, 27, of Lawrence. As "Wonder Woman" is set during the World War 1, Jenkins also said that the sequel may take place in another time period, prompting many to suspect that "Wonder Woman 2" will be a modern-day story to take place in America. "At least, it's not how it should work".

"I would say I have very mixed feelings about that", she explained.

While "Wonder Woman" shares the same dark color palette as DC's other films, Gadot's Diana Prince is by no means an antihero like Ben Affleck's Batman or Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Thus, the film is a refreshing change from the trite films in the genre of superheroes.

As "Wonder Woman" continues to make box-office history, rumors about its supposed sequel continue to circulate online.

Facebook/Wonder WomanShown is a scene from "Wonder Woman". "Those who are sure of themselves are not afraid of movies - even if they star Wonder Woman!".

The local Ramallah newspaper al-Hadath reported on Sunday that Palestine Towers Cinema, located in the city's tallest building, made a decision to not screen the highly successful film due to "political reasons related to the Israeli occupation and the Israeli actress starring in the film".