WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results

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The top challenger to Brock Lesnar's WWE Univeral championship will be named this Sunday at Extreme Rules, and WrestleNewz.com will have you covered.

To get the crowd excited for the night, the Extreme Rules Kickoff Show features two of the most athletic men on the roster. After a hard fought match in which three of the contestants would find themselves half broken, Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt battled it out to the very end with Joe getting the victory. So expect Lesnar vs Balor at GBOF and Lesnar vs Reigns down the line, maybe SummerSlam, or maybe WrestleMania (wouldn't that be a nice change of pace). Reigns will lock horns with Strowman once the Monster among Men is fit to compete.

Samoa Joe: Joe has been a monster since moving up from NXT. How good that could be? This is the second tag match between these two in a row and we've already seen all there is to see. Balor has been hyped to be the one to meet Lesnar with Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman even admitting that Balor is the biggest threat among the five.

The Raw brand presented a pay-per-view event Sunday night brimming with such excitement, Twitter erupted with posts of praise and adulation.

Dean Ambrose (champion) vs.

It is tough to believe that Dean Ambrose has held the Intercontinental Title for almost six months now. As she was being ejected, Miz tossed Ambrose into the ref.

The Bayley we see every Monday night on Raw has lost a great deal of the charm and characteristics that once defined her. Miz has done more than enough to earn a title and for the sake of the IC title he needs to hold on to that for a long time. As for the match, Maryse will play an important role in disqualifying Ambrose allowing Miz to walk away with the title with a dirty win. She also said she was inspired by "Wonder Woman".

Whoever wins, should be able to face Lesnar for the world title and lose, without losing any steam or credibility going forward. It featured a new No. 1 contender being established for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship, as well as multiple title changes. GBF and SummerSlam could see Banks vying for the title against Ms Bliss. The team of Cesaro and Sheamus challenged for the titles and seemed respectful in the lead-up, but upon losing, they ambushed the Hardy Boyz and laid them out.

Samoa Joe is the new number one contender for the Universal Championship. The reason why the Hardy Boyz and Cesaro and Sheamus has not been talked about the way it should have been is the booking. The lengths the Miz will go to to get under his opponents skin may, in fact, be unmatched. Banks then made an appearance on 205 Live in a match between Swann and Dar.

Neville (champion) vs. Austin: This Match Basically Aries for Surrender match for attaining the Title for WWE Cruiserweight Championship. This goes laong with the predicted result as Samoa Joe became the heavy betting favorite over the weekend. Having Banks in this storyline was to boost 205 Live and this spot validates the call. After Banks hits Dar with double knees, Swann rolls him into the ring to finish him off with the Phoenix Splash.