Majority say Donald Trump is dividing America, as approval rating falls

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President Trump's decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups, 59 percent of voters say, as 3 percent say he has discouraged these groups and 35 percent say he has had no impact on them. The George Washington University Battleground Poll، released Thursday، also found that more than 7 out of 10 believe his "behavior is not what I expect from a president.' While more people support Trump's job performance on the economy than oppose it، majorities disapprove of how he's handling foreign affairs in general، 53 per cent، and the North Korea crisis in particular، 51 per cent. I got them all", Trump told the crowd. Meanwhile, nine in 10 Democrats say they think Trump encouraged white supremacists with his comments and behavior - nearly two-thirds of Democrats say he did so intentionally.

Some 55% of American voters say there is too much prejudice in the nation and 40% say there is too much political correctness - the widest margin for prejudice since the question first was asked in June 2016.

Sixty-eight percent of voters think Trump's words/actions could cause an "international conflict", while 29 percent disagree.

For some comparison, in the same survey, 5% of voters said prejudice against minority groups was "not a problem at all" in the US.

A considerable majority of USA voters do not believe President Donald Trump is behaving the way a president is expected to behave and are concerned, a new George Washington University Battleground Poll revealed on Thursday. Twenty-nine percent, however, disagreed with this statement.

However, 31 percent of voters said he is doing to unite the United States. Ten percent of survey respondents said they did not know whether to trust Trump or the news media.

This new poll from Quinnipiac University was conducted from August 17-22, 2017, among 1,514 registered voters.