Apple Watch 3 gets cellular connectivity

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In fact, a new code had been unveiled and appears to be the company's new #Apple TV 4K. As previously rumored, Apple confirms that it has been working with movie studios to bring big movie releases to the iTunes store in 4K and/or HDR; anyone who has previously bought one of these movies in non-4K will get an automatic, free upgrade to the better quality. With competition already offering a range of 4K enabled products, Apple are playing catch-up by finally introducing Apple TV 4K, complete with the high 3840 × 2160 pixel count and HDR functionality. The Apple TV is running on the A10X processor, the same chip that powers the iPad pro, with a reported 2x faster CPU, and 4x faster GPU.

In that sense, the Apple Watch Series 3 also serves as a testament to how far the industry has come in 2017.

Apple has partnered with a group of clinicians at Stanford and telemedicine vendor American Well to test if Apple Watch can be used to detect cardiac abnormalities, according to CNBC.

There is also redesigned music app that automatically syncs favourite playlists, along with the user's most listened to music. As usual, Siri remains on the remote controller, with an expansion of her searching abilities. The tech giant has some catching up to do with the Apple TV 4K, then. However, India launch dates for these haven't been announced yet.

Apple Watch 3 gets cellular connectivity
Apple Watch 3 gets cellular connectivity

Apple also gave users a new list view for all of the applications loaded on their Watches. Apple claims the watch will offer up to 18-hours of battery life, but I suspect it will depend on how heavily you use the cellular connection. The new Apple Watch Series 3 is priced at $329 while the cellular model will cost $399. You need AirPods to actually hear the music as the watch won't have a headphone jack. Apparently, Apple hasn't mentioned anything about texting or sending emojis to your contacts.

Not to fear, though: Apple made two versions of the Series 3 - one that has a cellular connection and one that doesn't. The presence of a faster chipset means that Siri is now on your wrist, helping you out with activities that you may need your Apple watch to do.

There's also a Nike+ version of Apple Watch, with an updated Nike+ Run app, and a new Hermès edition, too, with a stack of special Hermès accessories.

It may not have a fancy name, but the eSIM that the Apple Watch 3 uses to spoof your phone number is definitely exciting.