Cavs "clear favorites" to land Wade

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A day ahead of training camp for the new National Basketball Association season, Wade agreed to leave approximately US$8 million (AU$10.4 million) on the table to reach a buyout resolution with Chicago. The two sides were able to finally come together to a compromise. KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported about the agreement on the buyout. Previously, the Bulls front office was reluctant to buyout Wade and preferred to trade his US$23.8 million (AU$29.8 million) salary.

For starters, of the five teams Wade is expected to consider, Miami is clearly the worst.

"I wish I owned an National Football League team", James said. Each team has a unique connection with Wade but money is tight for all.

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have a knack for attracting aging, valuable players this offseason.

Having the prospects of Dwayne Wade on your team is salivating, even if it is not the same Wade from ten years ago. As Bobby Marks mentions above, the Cavaliers barely have more than the minimum to offer Wade. Once Wade clears waivers, he can listen to offers and decide which team is a good fit for him. Carmelo Anthony was also a member of James and Wade's banana boat crew. Plus, Heat teammates have made little secret that they would welcome him back with open arms.

Vardon listed fan favorite Richard Jefferson as a possible roster causality if the Cavs do add Wade. Oklahoma City Thunder? San Antonio Spurs? It is only surprising in the sense that there is no real connection with Wade and the team. The Spurs' ball movement has the best chance of maximizing Wade's ability as a cutter and would highlight his passing and decision-making in ways we haven't seen since the Big Three at its peak.

Well, anyone remotely aware would figure out that Wade is going to a title contender.

More recently, however, Riley spoke glowingly about Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union.