DHS: Colorado's election system targeted but not breached by Russian activity

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Wisconsin, a key state in the 2016 US presidential election, said on Friday it was one of the 21 states that the federal government notified were targeted by Russian government hackers but no votes were changed.

Homeland Security officials tell the AP that in September hackers believed to be Russian agents targeted voter registration systems in more than 20 states.

Dean says both DHS and state cyber security experts say the attempt by Russian actors was a common form of surveillance scan looking for vulnerabilities in the state computer network.

Over the summer, DHS told Congress that 21 states' elections systems were targeted by hackers linked to the Russian government.

Wisconsin was one of 21 states notified Friday of the attempted hacking.

Haas says he is seeking more information from Homeland Security. President Donald Trump on Friday called allegations of Russian election meddling a "hoax", and insisted the media was the "greatest influence" on the 2016 campaign.

Trump won Wisconsin by fewer than 23,000 votes.

The new dollars, approved unanimously by the Joint Budget Committee, will cover the cost to add a centralized risk management platform to protect and monitor who accesses the state's voter registration system, as well as upgrade the exciting firewalls to allow real-time threat intelligence. Wisconsin Elections Commission assistant administrator Meagan McCord Wolfe said in a memo to commission members that a draft security plan should be done in December with a final plan completed in early 2018.

The seven-question survey was sent in June, but Wisconsin has not turned over any of the publicly available voter data that was requested.

One thing the state is considering is whether to mandate that local clerks meet minimum security requirements for hardware and software they use, Haas said.

Wisconsin primaries are in August.