PM Modi presents special gifts to Myanmar President

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They also called for setting up a special fund to help the Rohingya seeking refuge in Bangladesh, suspending diplomatic relations with Myanmar, boycotting Myanmarese goods, and to contact the OIC and the United Nations to find an immediate solution to the problem.

India also faces the problem of Rohingyas fleeing into the states bordering Myanmar.

National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights Chairperson Babar Nawaz Khan told Express that meetings with diplomats were continuing regarding the Myanmar government's atrocities against its Muslims minority. "We are partners in your concerns, over the loss of lives of security forces and innocent people due to the extremist violence in Rakhine State", PM Modi said.

"The prime minister and leaders will discuss more importantly how India can play a role what kind of contribution India can make", he said.

Speaking with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Suu Kyi blamed Rohingya militants, who attacked police posts in August, for spreading false information about the crisis with the intention of destabilising the region.

Modi said, "we hope that all stakeholders together can find a way out in which unity and territorial integrity of Myanmar is respected", he said, adding "peace, justice, dignity and democratic values for all" can be achieved.

Misri further said all issues related to the bilateral relationship would be discussed during the Prime Minister Modi's visit.

In a statement after talks with Myanmar's de facto chief Suu Kyi, PM Modi said India understands the problems being faced by Myanmar.

# India is seen as a thought leader on the global stage.

■ The prime minister's visit to Myanmar comes amid a spike in ethnic violence against Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine state.

■ Would like to thank India for taking a strong stand on the terror threat that Myanmar faced recently: State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. He had visited the country in 2014 to attend the ASEAN-India Summit. Myanmar is one of India's strategic neighbours and shares a 1,640-km-long border with a number of northeastern states including militancy-hit Nagaland and Manipur.