Rep. Wilson: Trump White House is 'full of white supremacists'

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"A congresswoman stood up, and in a long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call, he gave the money, the $20 million, to build the building, and she sat down", Kelly said Thursday.

"As General Kelly pointed out, if you're able to make a sacred act like honoring American heroes all about yourself, you're an empty barrel", Sanders added.

On Thursday, Kelly said he had advised Trump against making the calls to the fallen soldiers' families, but that the president eventually made a decision to express his condolences "in the best way that he could".

"If you want to go after General Kelly, that's up to you", Sanders said. He knew what he was getting into when he joined that 1 percent. "He knew what the possibilities were".

"She also had quite a few comments that day that weren't part of that speech and weren't part of that video that were also witnessed by many people that were there", Sanders said, referring to "what Gen. Kelly referenced yesterday". In response, Kelly told him what General Joseph Dunford, now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told him when Robert Kelly was killed.

"What the hell is my son doing back in the fight?"

Why? Because Kelly is a retired general and therefore should not be questioned.

Wilson has denounced the president's remarks in the press, calling them insensitive.

Trump later suggested that Obama had not called Kelly after his son died in Afghanistan.

In addition, both Trump and Kelly implied nefarious motives by Wilson in listening to that call - "SECRETLY", as Trump put it in a tweet.

"I didn't say what that congresswoman said, didn't say it at all", Trump told reporters Tuesday when asked. That's not a negative thing. "I think he very bravely does make those calls".

Forty-three service members have been killed since Trump became president in January, according to the Associated Press. And he told Trump what he was told when his own son was killed in action.

The check never arrived, but when The Post contacted the White House about the conversation with Baldridge, officials declined to discuss details.

A president's phone calls to bereaved military families are generally not made public, but that's not to say anyone is sworn to secrecy.

President Donald Trump's latest Twitter foe is a Democratic U.S. congresswoman from Florida who wears a glittering cowboy hat. Mark Hunter, the father, said the call never came.