Stephen Paddock's brother has been arrested

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TMZ and NBC are reporting that Bruce Paddock has been taken into custody on suspicion of possessing child pornography. Aerial video showed investigators in a lot behind the building in the 5300 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, where authorities confirmed an arrest was made Wednesday morning. "Paddock had been squatting inside the business and after his eviction, the evidence was discovered".

Cops say they found child porn images on his computer.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department told the Los Angeles Times the arrest of Bruce Paddock was unrelated to the ongoing investigation into the Las Vegas massacre.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the patriarch of the family, also had a long history of crime.

It remained unclear exactly what led up to his arrest.

Paddock also bought software created to erase computer files, but because the hard drive is missing, investigators can't determine if he had used the software, a source told ABC.

It wasn't immediately known if Bruce Paddock has an attorney.

Bruce Paddock's brother, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was the man responsible for killing 58 people and wounding hundreds more when he opened fire on a crowd of concert goers in Las Vegas Oct. 1.

Another brother, Eric Paddock, spoke to media after the shooting, but Bruce Paddock did not.