The Sonos One Gadget Is Impressive

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Garmin may be more known for its Global Positioning System trackers and fitness smartwatches but the brand also comes up with other devices like the VIRB 360 action cam and the Quatix 5 smartphone.

Garmin says that the Speak will use your phone's data connection for powering all of its functionality, and you'll be able to add skills and new features to Alexa on the Speak by downloading the Garmin Speak and Amazon Alexa apps on your phone and linking the two with one another. It affixes right to your front window and is a little black circle with a blue LED light. Furthermore, in the near future, Apple will also launch their own HomePod and Sonos's popularity may decrease even more.

It looks pretty cool, and might be worth the $149 price for some, but I think it's going to be hard to sell people on a Global Positioning System in 2017 when you can buy a $10 suction cup and stick your phone to your windshield for directions. Then you're getting whisked away to all the lukewarm pizza you can handle.

This means Sonos customers can add Alexa voice control to their existing Sonos systems for just £24.99. Check out all the bells and whistles over at Garmin. However, specialists indicate that tool will be available soon. But until now I've been using the Amazon Echo Dots and Echo Taps to boss her around.

They would focus on the skills of the speaker, rather than on the quality of the sound. Also, Alexa's voice will accompany and specify visual indications. And if you don't specify which service you want to use, Alexa defaults to Amazon Music.

Motorola has announced the latest MotoMod for its Moto Z family of handsets - the Moto smart speaker with Amazon Alexa. Next year, Sonos says it'll support Google's smart assistant. When you do call out for Alexa, the volume on the Sonos one will duck out to a lower volume so that you don't have to shout.

Amazon's Alexa can already help you around the house, but Garmin is bringing the convenience to your vehicle.

With the introduction of voice controlled speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the forthcoming HomePod, speaker company Sonos went from being a leader in offering the most cutting-edge speaker features to lacking a component that's become par for the course for speakers. For most people eager to try out a smart assistant and play music inside their homes, a Dot and a solid speaker (like the Play:1) is enough. I would have preferred to do both in the same app, ala an "Alexa for Sonos" app, but understand why the experience has to be done through multiple apps, given that Amazon and Sonos are expecting consumers to connect speakers from each of their respective companies.

Speak also offers hands-free phone support, letting you ignore or accept incoming calls to your smartphone.