United States passports have weakened under Trump

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American passport holders have less power to travel visa-free compared to countries such as Germany, South Korea and the United Kingdom, having dropped down one tier in the Arton Capital passport index rankings since 2016. Most recently, Turkey and the Central African Republic revoked their visa-free status to United States passport holders.

It appears, when it comes to global travel, not all passports are created equal.

Germany is No. 1 on this year's Visa Restrictions Index, published by Henley & Partners.

Other Asian passports in the top 20 include South Korea, Japan as well as Malaysia.

Singapore now single-handedly dominates the first tier of the global passport rank, compared to its rival Germany which came in at 158 visa-free country allowances.

This is the first time that an Asian nation has topped the list and left behind all countries.

Singapore's passport has been announced as the most powerful in the world as it secured the top spot in the index' most powerful ranking with a visa-free score of 159.

The powerful ranking is a reflection of the country's positive diplomatic relations and affords its citizens visa-free border crossing at 159 countries.

"More and more people every year invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a second passport to offer better opportunity and security for their families", he added.

"Visa-free global mobility has become an important factor in today's world", said founder and president of Arton Capital Armand Arton at the recently held Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro.

In 2015, the United States tied for first place with the United Kingdom; a year ago, it slipped to fourth place.

United States passports could be set to get weaker still, as the European Parliament voted to end visa-free travel for Americans back in March this year.

Canada is not only the number one country in the world for quality of life, our lovely nation is also home to one of the most powerful passports in the world.

To see where your passport ranks - if it hasn't been mentioned already - see the full list here.