US Ambassador to New Zealand to be More 'Culturally Aware'

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Scott Brown, the USA ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, said today an inquiry had been opened into his conduct at a summer event he attended in Samoa.

A New Zealand website said Wednesday that Brown acknowledged complaints were made about his "insensitive or inappropriate" comments to at the July event in the Pacific country.

Brown said the official complaints related to comments he had made at a party in the Samoan capital, Apia, where he told attendees they looked "beautiful" and could make hundreds of dollars working in the hospitality industry in the US.

Brown said he was in Samoa to present his credentials and attended the Peace Corps' 50th anniversary in Samoa celebration, in his first day there.

"The ambassador, however, also said he suspected that there was an element of political motivation behind the complaint, because at the event there were many people who did not like President Donald Trump".

For three weeks the US Government has refused to confirm the investigation to 1 NEWS. "They all looked great, Gail looked great, I was dressed up". Stuff reported Brown told the server she could make hundreds of dollars as a waitress in the us and told some guests they looked lovely.

The most remarkable part of his Brown's half-hearted apology for his cultural ignorance is that he mostly blamed not himself, but an anti-Trump attitude."At this event there were a lot of people that didn't like [President Trump]", he said. Brown and Huff said they had "no idea" the comments would be regarded as offensive.

"Gail and I both walked in, and we said, 'Boy, you guys look lovely, you look really handsome, sir". And apparently somebody took offence to that.

"I was in fact told by my people that, 'Listen, you know, you're not Scott Brown from Rye, New Hampshire, anymore, you're an ambassador. Sadly it's politics and it is what it is", Ambassador Brown claimed, with a shrug.

Huff and Brown finished the interview with the ambassador ultimately saying he will "probably not" make comments of the same variety again.

When he arrived in New Zealand, Brown said of Trump: "I know him, I like him, I trust him".

"Gail and I did say it, absolutely", he added. As for the waitress, he says he was simply noting she was doing a "great job", per the Times.

"I'm always welcoming that kind of advice", he added.