Apple Seeds iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 2

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For Phrase, type an uppercase "I".

Examples of the iOS 11.1 bugIs Apple working on a permanent fix?

To set up a text replacement, go to the Settings menu, tap General, then Keyboard, and tap Text Replacement. Even if your phone can type the letter "i", you'll likely still see the garbled messaging if it's been sent from a device that has been affected.

But if you are struggling to type the letter "i", follow these steps. Just like the other several dozen times a flaw has occurred just after a new update is released. In the meantime, you are recommended to take help from the workaround fix provided by the company to type correctly.

IOS 11.1 update has come with awesome new emojis which include many trend-setting ideas like a woman with a headscarf, a fairy emoji, and a zombie. The lowercase letter "i" is being replaced by gibberish. Apple has acknowledged the feature saying that it's affecting anyone with a device that's running iOS 11.1. The problem was highlighted by a Reddit user TheCravin, over the weekend.

Though this is an exciting new release, problems regarding installation issues, battery drain, and Bluetooth connectivity have already been reported, making some consumers evaluate whether the update is worthwhile.

"I had to turn off my auto correct which is super annoying", wrote another iPhone user on Apple's discussion forum. Until then, Apple put up a support page for the problem where it directs users on how to fix it using Text Replacement.