Danica Roem, Metal Vocalist, Becomes Virginia's First Openly Transgender Legislator

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And Andrea Jenkins became the first openly trans woman of color elected to the city council of a major United States city when she was elected to represent Ward 8 of Minneapolis on Tuesday. She defeated Marshall by 54-45 percent.

In a night of many firsts, several minority and LGBT candidates won local elections that echoed the blue wave in which Democrats won races large and small. In that time, Marshall wrote an anti-gay marriage amendment and sponsored Virginia's transgender bathroom bill (which infamously banned students from using the bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity and required administrators to out trans kids to their parents), as well as a ban on gay people serving in the National Guard-just lots and lots of bad stuff. According to the Post, he refused to debate Roem and insisted on referring to her using male pronouns - tactics in keeping with his self-proclaimed status as the state's "chief homophobe", but ultimately less than useful during the campaign.

Roem, who couldn't immediately be reached for an interview Tuesday night, openly discussed her gender identity during her campaign, but it was far from her focus. He held that position for the past 25 years.

'No matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love, if you have good public policy ideas, if you're qualified for office, you have every right to bring your ideas to the table, ' she said.

Danica Roem Promises a "More Inclusive Commonwealth" She never uses the word "transgender", but images are shown with her campaigning while wearing a rainbow handkerchief scarf.

Andrea Jenkins won a seat in the Minneapolis City Council to represent the city's 8th ward, the Star Tribune reported. Ravinder Bhalla became the first elected Sikh mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. In 2009, she became the nation's first openly gay US Attorney after being appointed by then-President Barack Obama.

In her bio on the campaign website, Roem stated that she learned to listen to different perspectives and digest complicated policy as a reporter for the Gainesville Times and Prince William Times.

There were plenty of reasons progressives were so overjoyed by the results in Tuesday night's elections.

Vi Lyles became the first black woman to be elected mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina.