Netflix warns of email scam aimed at customers' accounts

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Netflix users are being urged to remain wary of a risky and convincing email scam now doing the rounds.

Netflix, which has has more than 109 million worldwide subscribers, couldn't provide details about how many of its users may have received the email.

The email looks like it's from Netflix and claims the users account with the streaming service will be canceled, Mailguard warned. The emails look like they are from Netflix, appear to be on official Netflix letterhead, and say your account is being suspended because the company was unable to verify your billing information.

If the link in the email you get does not take you to Netflix's website, just ignore it. It's definitely more sophisticated than the last Netflix email phishing attempt.

Netflix sends out emails to its subscribers from time to time.

"Obviously we'd love to have you back, click restart your membership to update your details and continue to enjoy all the best TV shows & movies without interruption", the email reads.

Netflix recommended customers should delete any such email that looks suspicious.

Subscribers with accounts should remain alert for these fake suspension emails to prevent their personal information from being stolen.

This scam email is relatively well designed.

The service said it employs numerous protective measure to detect fraud and keep accounts secure. More importantly, it contains a link, in which, when clicked, takes the anxious subscribers to a fake Netflix webpage that requires them to input their log-in details, as well as their credit card number.