New Overwatch Character Moira Announced, while Reinhardt Gets an Epic Animated Short

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In its sling of first announcements today, Blizzard has announced a new hero is coming to Overwatch.

Moira's biotic abilities enable her to contribute healing or damage in any crisis.

Creative director Jeff Kaplan described the character something of a hybrid character, which is something a bit unusual for Overwatch, but was looking forward to seeing the character in the hands of players-even jokingly describing the characters as "OP AF". Whether or not Blizzard World adds much to Overwatch's story, it will be fun to fight through the gates of Stormwind without having to flag yourself for PvP. But once free from Overwatch's rule and the world's law, she was able to speed up her research and make what she calls great scientific bounds. This skill is called Bionic Grasp, and the damaging energy can also heal Moira and restore her energy.

Trusted Reviews has gone ahead and compiled everything you need to know about the new hero alongside all the other big Overwatch news from Blizzcon 2017.

Revealed in all her glory at Blizzcon 2017, you can find footage of Moira's backstory and a selection of her ominous powers in action below. However, Blizzard did joke that she is an incredibly powerful character that the team is eager to see implemented into the game. Her ultimate looks like a combined super-beam that heals all allies caught in it, or drains all enemies.

Reinhardt, otherwise known as the best tank, also received his own animated short. The map will be on the PTR soon and will go live in early 2018.

What do you think of these latest additions to Overwatch?