Trump Slams Marshawn Lynch For Anthem Protest in Mexico

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The president also noted National Football League "attendance and ratings way down".

"Have you seen the people who run Mexico?"

Last month, Lynch tweeted out that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was criticized for sitting during the national anthem at his first game as an owner.

ESPN's Paul Gutierrez noted that Lynch rose at the beginning of the US national anthem after which he sat down and rose again for Mexico's anthem.

Monday morning, Trump once again took up his cudgel against black football players, attacking Raiders player Marshawn Lynch for kneeling during the us anthem while standing for the Mexican anthem. "He's fired!'" the President said during a rally in Alabama.

President Donald Trump voiced his displeasure with Lynch's obvious disrespect for America and suggested that he be suspended.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during most of the U.S. anthem at a game in Mexico City this weekend, as he has done since returning from retirement this spring. "And while he stood for the Mexican anthem, he was not completely at attention", Gutierrez wrote.

On Sunday he lashed out against three college basketball players, who were released by Chinese authorities after intervention from Mr Trump.

This is the second time in two days that Mr Trump has criticised athletes. The elder Mr Ball, however, dismissed the President's role in comments made to ESPN. "Don't tell me nothing".

Given Trump's penchant for bringing up random athletes and calling them out, it might do some good to actually have some productive conversation that could produce real insight and understanding rather than tweeting at each other from separate sides.