3GPP-Organized Meeting Produces First Major 5G Standard

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"Reaching this milestone enables the next phase of equipment availability and movement to interoperability testing and early 5G availability", said AT&T, one of T-Mobile's big rivals in introducing 5G to the USA market.

3GPP, the telecom industry standards body, has ratified the Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G New Radio (NR) specification, half a year earlier than expected.

A recent report from Fierce Wireless claims that the 3GPP, the organisation governing cellular standards, has officially signed off on the first specification for 5G at meeting in Lisbon Portugal. A few moments later, Sprint published a Press release announcing how they are going to bring 5G to the world.

"The first version of 5G NR not only provides a NSA solution for 5G deployment but also completes the common part of NSA and SA, which lay a solid foundation for a global unified 5G system with global market scale", added China Mobile EVP Zhengmao Li. This mode will be a cornerstone of 5G in the early years of adoption as mobile carriers introduce network compatibility. The second-largest telecom company in the United States has been running small trials of its 5G network in Austin over the course of 2017.

"Verizon is delighted that the 3GPP is moving quickly to release a global standard for mobile 5G", said Ed Chan, the company's Chief Technology Architect and Network Planning. The detailed requirements of 5G networks will give a hard task for all companies what they need to build to get intact with the upcoming 5G network.

"We are excited to be part of this significant milestone, and to once again be at the forefront making the 5G vision a reality in 2019", said Qualcomm Technologies executive vice president Cristiano Amon.

The quest to make 5G a reality has just taken a very important step forward. Support for spectrum ranges below 1 GHz and up to 50 GHz are all said to be included in the specification. "KT has actively participated in the standardization of 3GPP 5G through the submission of hundreds of exclusive technical contributions and hundreds of joint contributions".