Former Redskin Donovan McNabb accused of sexually inappropriate text messages

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In a statement to USA Today Sports, the NFL Network said the three would remain suspended "pending an investigation into these allegations". Donovan McNabb, a former analyst, has also been included in the filing.

Other individuals named in the amended complaint, according to Bloomberg, include: former network executive Eric Weinberger, who now heads up Bill Simmons' media group; and NFL Network analyst Donovan McNabb. She said that both Taylor and Weinberger sent her inappropriate pictures, with Taylor additionally sending her a video of him masturbating in the shower. The amendment to the suit filed on Monday goes into greater detail of the alleged instances of harassment and also names the defendants, Deadspin reported. Sapp was sacked from the network in 2015 after being arrested for assault and soliciting prostitution.

The accuser is Jami Cantor, who was hired by NFL Network in 2006 as a wardrobe stylist. The former Eagles quarterback is now a radio host for ESPN, where he also makes regular appearances on shows like First Take. Weinberg now works at Bill Simmons' company, The Ringer.

McNabb, who joined NFL Network as an analyst in 2012 before leaving for Fox and later beIN Sports, allegedly sent Cantor explicit messages and comments during his time at NFL Network. The former Eagles quarterback texted Cantor explicit comments, according to to the complaint.

Cantor said Faulk would ask "deeply personal and invasive questions", about her sex life, along with fondling her breasts and groping her from behind.

She filed a suit against NFL Enterprises in October and an amendment on Monday.

Cantor said she complained about the sexual advances from former NFL players to Marc Watts, the league's talent coordinator, but he did nothing and said, "It's part of the job when you look the way you do", according to the complaint. Cantor was reportedly fired in October 2016.