Jobless rates fell in 24 US states, record lows in 5

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The state labor department says that while job losses continue in Alaska, they have "moderated noticeably" in the second half of this year.

Hawaii reported the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 2 percent.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the drop is the lowest jobless rate in Texas for four decades.

Nationally, the unemployment rate for November was 4.1 percent.

Employment estimates released by TWC are produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Texas jobless rate has improved for the seventh month in a row with Number unemployment dropping to a record low of 3.8%.

"It was just last month when we reached the extraordinary milestone of breaking all previous unemployment rate records, but now just a month later the trend continues and we have once again broken those records".

Tennessee first marked a historic low unemployment rate in June at 3.6 percent, which was bested by the July rate of 3.4 percent, and then fell even lower in August to 3.3 percent. Two industry sectors reported job declines over the month, down a total of 8,200 jobs. "We can't go much lower", Nivin said. "The Texas economy offers employers access to a competitive workforce and provides job seekers with career options in a variety of growing Texas industries". Job totals have also essentially been unchanged in 23 other states. The unemployment rate was below 2.7 percent in Nebraska, New Hampshire and North Dakota. "I mean, I can't tell you exactly what the full employment rate is, but if we're not there, we're very close".

The county unemployment rates for November 2017 will be published on Thursday, December 28th, at 1:30pm CT.