Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife arrested in connection with his murder

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According to ESPN, the arrest of Wright-Robinson came after the December 5 indictment of Turner in the former basketball player's death. Turner, a landscaper and resident of the Memphis suburb of Collierville, has pleaded not guilty.

His mother, Deborah Marion, told the that she believes money was a motivating factor for Sherra, citing her son's $1million life insurance policy.

On July 28, 2010, Lorenzen Wright's body was discovered in a field; riddled with bullet holes-the result of being shot multiple times.

Wright-Robinson had previously spoken about the death of her late former husband, who played for the and four other National Basketball Association teams as a forward and center in 13 seasons before retiring in 2009.

The seven-year investigation into Wright's death has been one of the Memphis Police Department's most high-profile unsolved cases.

Memphis Police Major Darren Goods, head of the Multi-Agency Gang Unit, said the gang unit received information about the case this past summer and it resuscitated the case. Dispatchers acknowledged they heard noises like gunshots before the call was dropped.

She was arrested in her Riverside, California home Friday night.

Dispatchers didn't alert police because they weren't sure it came from their jurisdiction.

Sherra Wright said in the days following the discovery of her ex-husband's body that she had last seen him the night he disappeared and that he had left to meet with others.

Sherra Wright divorced Lorenzen Wright months before he died, her divorce attorney Gail Mathes told the Daily News in 2010.

She's also accused of attempted first-degree murder for what authorities say was an earlier attempt to kill her husband, Lorenzen Wright, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings answered "yes" when asked if Sherra Wright and Billy Turner tried to kill Lorenzen Wright in the past.

Former NBA players and friends including Anfernee Hardaway and Elliot Perry attended a memorial service for Wright in the days after his body was found.